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BU14-02 John Underwood

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Game Date Game Time Field Div Referee Ref Pos Points
2013-09-0710:00 amL1422-Laguna Hills Com CtBU11Valerie UnderwoodA11
2013-09-0711:25 amL1422-Laguna Hills Com CtGU11Valerie UnderwoodA21
2013-09-072:15 pmL1422-Laguna Hills Com CtU12BValerie UnderwoodR1
2013-10-1210:00 amL1422-Laguna Hills Com CtGU11Valerie UnderwoodR1
2013-10-1212:50 pmL1422-Laguna Hills Com CtU12BValerie UnderwoodA11
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