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GU10-03 Denise Allee

Greg Allee
Game Date Game Time Field Div Referee Ref Pos Points
2013-09-018:00 amOut of AreaAnyGreg AlleeR 1
2013-09-071:00 pmL1422-Valencia ElemU10BGreg AlleeA21
2013-09-149:00 amL1422-Lomarena ElemU08BGreg AlleeR1
2013-09-1410:00 amL1422-Lomarena ElemU08BGreg AlleeR1
2013-09-2111:45 amL1422-Valencia ElemU10GGreg AlleeR1
2013-09-282:00 pmL1422-Lomarena ElemU08BGreg AlleeR1
2013-10-0510:30 amL1422-Valencia ElemU10BGreg AlleeR 1
2013-10-052:00 pmL1422-Lomarena ElemU08GGreg AlleeR1
2013-10-122:00 pmL1422-Lomarena ElemU08GGreg AlleeR1
2013-10-198:00 amL1422-Lomarena ElemU08BGreg AlleeR1
2013-10-1910:30 amL1422-Valencia ElemU10GGreg AlleeR1
2013-10-268:00 amMisc Fall 2013AnyGreg AlleeA11
2013-10-261:00 pmL1422-Lomarena ElemU08BGreg AlleeR1
2013-10-262:00 pmL1422-Lomarena ElemU08BGreg AlleeR1
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